Dragonscale Necklace  $1,400
Dragonscale Necklace $1,400

Moonstone Ring  $85
Moonstone Ring $85

Amethyst bracelet  $60
Amethyst bracelet $60

Dragonscale Necklace  $1,400
Dragonscale Necklace $1,400



Making jewellery is a passion!  An exacting one, to say the least.

Not every piece comes out the way it’s supposed to!

So … being a jewellery designer and fabricator is time-consuming

and frustrating and incredibly rewarding - all at once!


I have been designing and making jewellery for about 15 years.  


Pieces are unique.  Sometimes a variation on a theme.  


I hope you like my work.  All are for sale.

Please call or write to inquire about special sizes or unique gems or designs.


Thank you for visiting my site.